Thursday, April 5, 2007

Yoda cake instructions

How to make Yoda!

I used a 6" round tin and a pudding steamer bowl shaped tin as seen in the attached photo.

I stacked the cooled cakes and crumb coated in buttercream. Shaped the feet out of green fondant and put them in place.

then placed a ball of fondant on the top of the cake for his neck which i then covered on green fondant.

I then thinly rolled out a rectangle of brown fondant and cut a rounded collar on one end. I then placed it down the front of the cake and scrunched the bottom up a little. I rolled out a strip of fondant for his belt and stuck it across his waist.

Now for the fun part... his head!!

I needed his head to be able to support his ears so i made it from chocolate crackle (like rice crispy treats) I formed the chocolate crackle onto a ball and put it in the freezer to set firmly. (I inserted a bamboo skewer into the ball before it set)once really firm I carved a rough yoda shaped head and then pushed the skewer into the cake so the head was just touching the neck. I then covered the head in buttercream. I placed a raised teardrop shaped piece of fondant where his cheeks would be on either side and a raised triangle for his nose, a raised circle with a line dented into it for his mouth and two small sausages for his eyebrows. Next I rolled out a thin layer of green fondant and cover the entire head smoothing over the fondant shapes underneath.
I marked the wrinkles onto the fondant with the back of a knife (or modeling tools if you have them!)I press in the mouth the same way.
I made a nose out of green fondant and put ontop of the "nose bump" I made earlier. I rolled three small sausages of green fondant and place over the bridge of the nose to look like wrinkles.
Next I made the eyes with white fondant and a small circle of green fondant. I attached them to the cake with a little water. I rolled out three small thin sausages of green fondant for each eye lid and two small thin sausages for under each eye, I attached them to the eyes with water.
I then rolled out two eyebrow shapes and put them over the eyebrow bumps.

Next I rolled out yodas coat using some cream coloured fondant. I cut a rectangle shape and cut out a small semi-circle from the middle of the long side for the neck then draped the fondant over the cake and trimed away the excess. I stuck the edges down at the front to the edge of the brown clothing with water.

Then I rolled two thick sausages of fondant for each arm and stuck them to yodas body. I shaped two hands out of green fondant and attached them to the body at the base of the "arm sausages". I thinly roll out some cream fondant for the sleves of the coat and stuck them over the arm shapes and a little over the hands to cover his wrists. I then used some brown chalk colour to age the coat by randomly dusting brown patches all over it.

Now for the ears!

I added some tylose gum to some green fondant for the ears.(this made them hold there shape)I rolled out two large tear drop shapes for the ears, pressed in the shape of the inner ear then inserted a toothpick into the side of Yodas head where the ear would be leaving just over half the toothpick hanging out, I put some water on the ear where it would be touching the head and pushed the ear onto the toothpick hold it in place for about 20 seconds then I left them to dry.

I wrote the birthday message on the cake board the way Yoda would speek...."30 you are" but If I had more room I would have written "Happy Birthday you must have" (I forgot to take a photo after I added the writing)

I hope this was easy to follow! I have attached a series of photo's showing some of the stages of building this cake that might help to show how I did it!

It took about three and a half hours to decorate but was much easier that it looks!

Take care,