Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bratz cake instructions


First print out a picture to use as a template. The size will depend on the size of the cake you are baking. I have made this using a 12” square pan. I checked that my Bratz picture was the right size by cutting her up and placing the pieces onto my cake pan. When I was happy that the size I made her would fit the size of my cake I stuck her back together with sticky tape.

Then colour all your fondant (black for hair, pink for clothes, green for eyes, purple for eye shadow and flesh colour (I used peach and caramel brown) dark pink for armbands and flower belt)

Start by cutting out the bulk of the hair (the bottom layer) put a few lines in the hair to make it have a bit more character. The fondant should be rolled fairly thin (approx. 2 mm)

Then cut out the face. Using a sharp knife, cut out the eyes and lips. Using some of the pink fondant, cut out some more lips using the piece you removed of the flesh colour as a guide for the size. Put the pink lips into the face and smooth out so the edges of the lips and the face meet.

The eyes are done the same way, the white part is the same size as the removed flesh colour piece. The green part is made by rolling two balls of green fondant and squashing them flat. The pupils are also two squashed balls of black fondant placed on top of the green. The white flecks on the eyes are done the same way. Position the coloured part of the eye on the main white of the eye and press them flat. Place the eyes into the eye holes in the face. Roll out the purple fondant very thinly and cut out the eye lids place the eye lids over the eyes hiding the join between the eyes and the face. Paint on eye lashes using black liquid colour.

Using petal dust, brush a bit of shadowing onto the face to add more character. Also using purple lustre dust give the eyes a bit if eye shadow. When you are happy with the face, carefully lift it up and position it on top of the hair you have previously cut out. Stick it down with a little sugar glue (or water)

Next cut out the fringe pieces from you black fondant and stick them in place on top of the face making sure that the top part of the face is covered. Put a few lines in the fringe as well to add character and make it look more like hair.

Cut out two small pink rectangles for the hair bands and stick them in place tucking the ends under to make it look like it is wrapped around the hair.

Next cut out the body by rolling out the flesh colour paste and using your template as a guide. Smooth the edges with your finger to remove the cut look on the edges.

Roll two small balls of fondant and place them on her chest then roll out some pink fondant, cut out the shape of her top using the template as a guide then place the top over her body. Smooth over the chest to give a slight 3D look to her bust (doing this helps give her some of the “Bratz” attitude!)

Next cut out the pants and the feet and shoes using the template the same way as you did the other shapes. Attach the feet to the bottom of the pants using a little sugar glue.

The finishing touches can be done once she is all together on the cake.

Re-cut your template and place them on your cooled levelled cake. Use your template to cut out the cake pieces. Position the pieces of cake in the correct place and stick them together with butter cream and crumb coat the cake with butter cream. Cover the cake in fondant. Using pink royal icing, pipe a shell boarder around the base of the cake.

Now very carefully lift the hair and face of your baking paper and place it on the cake sticking it down with sugar glue. Next lift the torso off your baking paper and position it on top of the hair so the neck meets the bottom of the chin. Stick down with sugar glue. Do the same with the legs and feet.

Add the finishing touches - black eye brows, black ribbon on the shirt, dark pink arm bands, black waist band on the top of the pants, black belt with pink flowers.

I used FMM brand letter cutters to cut out the fondant letters for the cake board.